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Philips Compatible M1196A SpO2 Sensor

Philips Compatible M1196A SpO2 Sensor

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1.1m Compatible Philips M1196A SpO2 Sensor. It is compatible with the following patient monitors: Philips: C1, C3, M3, M4, MP20, MP30, MP40, MP50, MP60, MP70, MP80, MP90, VM4, VM6, VM8, HP Viridia 24C, Philips Heartstart defibrillator and IntelliVue; Goldway: G40; Solaris NT2A, NT2C.


  • M1196A (Adult Clip)
  • M1191A (Adult Soft)
  • M1192A (Pediatric Clip)
  • M1192A (Pediatric Soft)
  • M1193A (Neonate Wrap)
  • Mll94A (Adult Ear)

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